Best EV chargers in the UK

Best home EV chargers and commercial EV chargers in the UK – 2024 edition

Electric vehicle charging points on on the up, with a 46% year-on-year increase of public devices. But, while there are multiple ways for EV drivers to charge their electric vehicles (EVs), including three pin plug EV chargers and public charging points, dedicated chargers installed at properties are undoubtedly the best way to charge your EV.

Home EV charging provides many benefits, such as cheaper, greener and more convenient charging sessions – especially compared to public charging infrastructure across the UK. On top of this, commercial EV chargers provide a better charging experience for customers and employees alike.

But with so many EV chargers on the market, how do you know which EV charger is the best? What is the best EV home charger? What is the best commercial EV charger? Which are the best EV chargers on the UK market in 2024?

Stay tuned as we rank the best electric vehicle chargers available in 2024.

Which EV charger is best?

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand that there isn’t a single superior EV charger that outshines all others. The best EV charger is actually contingent on your specific situation, needs, and personal preference, given that not all EV chargers are identical.

To get into this, all EV chargers are the same in the sense that they charge your car using electricity. However, they can vary quite differently, coming in different sizes, shapes and speeds. But this is especially the case with home EV chargers. Each charger comes with different smart features, aesthetics, prices and more.

So, we’re going to review the best electric car chargers based on specific factors to help you make an informed decision.

1. Ohme Home Pro & Ohme ePod – Best home EV charger for tariff compatibility and cost-savings 

Home EV chargers will help save you money from the get-go. Fact. Due to smart charging regulations, all smart chargers now have the ability to schedule charging overnight during off-peak hours. Throughout these hours of 12-4, electricity prices are significantly cheaper than those during the day, saving you money compared to pricer public EV charging points and slow, dumb three pin plug EV chargers.

But, if you want to go the extra mile and maximise charging cost savings further, the best home EV charger for you is an Ohme EV charger. Whether you choose the Ohme Home Pro (tethered) or the Ohme ePod (untethered), you’ll be able to access Ohme’s leading marketing smart technology. Compatible with all energy tariffs – including coveted Intelligent Octopus Go –  you can sync your Ohme EV home charger with your tariff and unlock some of the best prices for you. For example, for those with OVO, you can use your Ohme home EV charger to top-up your electric car battery for as little as 7p per kWh.

2. VCHRGD Seven – Best home EV charger for smart features and sustainability

The VCHRGD Seven charger comes packed with your most-wanted smart EV charging features at a fantastic price point making it the best EV home for charger for those who want an affordable yet feature rich home charger.

Pre-equipped with a solar CT clamp on installation, you can use the VCHRGD Seven to harness surplus solar power for free electric vehicle charging without the need for additional purchases (so long as you have solar panels).

Additionally, VCHRGD provides two free RFID cards for different charging options, letting users start and stop charging with taps of the provided RFID card.

On top of the VCHRGD’s extensive range of smart features, VCHRGD also pushes further on the green aspect. In fact, as part of their sustainability commitment, VCHRGD plants seven trees with Ecologi for every charger manufactured.

3. Easee One – Best home EV charger for form and futureproofing

The Easee One stands out as a future-proof EV charger designed with innovation, adaptability and style in mind.

Approximately 69% smaller than other EV chargers on the market and coming in five different colour choices, the Easee One stands out as the best home EV charger for those who favour form and style with its sleek Scandinavian elegance.

Not only is the Easee One known for its looks, but it’s the best charger for futureproofing. For example, the Easee One’s front cover is interchangeable, meaning if you decide to change the exterior of your house or if you move, you can adapt and change the colour to match.

With the Easee One’s cable lock, you can lock your untethered cable in place to give the illusion of a tethered charger, too. The same look and feel at no extra expense or hassle. So, you don’t have to invest in a new charger if you change your mind.

4. Tesla Wall Connector – Best home charger for Tesla

It comes as no shock that the Tesla Wall Connector is the best home EV charger for Tesla owners. Stay on brand, match your charger with your electric vehicle, and ensure maximum style consistency with your charging eco-system.

Sleek and lightweight, the Tesla design allows for versatile indoor or outdoor installations and can reach heights of 22kW (so you can charge at the 11 kW maximum onboard charging rate of Tesla cars, including the Model 3).

While the Tesla may lack the wide range of smart charging features, you can still schedule, manage and track charging from the Tesla app. Not to mention how you can manage your Tesla vehicle from the same app, too.

Although, it’s important to note that the Tesla will need an earth rod – which others come with as standard.

5. ChargeArm – The best EV charging point for on-street parking

The ChargeArm is a new EV charging solution that allows electric car owners with no off-street parking, such as those with terraced houses, to be able to have a home EV charger. No longer do you have to resort to slow, messy and dangerous three-pin plug EV charging with a granny charger, you have the convenience and potential cost savings with a ChargeArm solution.

In simple terms, the charging arm extends and suspends from a distinct height at the front of your property, allowing you to easily charge your EV without bothering pedestrians or posing a safety hazard – a perfect solution for those with on-street parking.

Due to it’s unique and problem-solving nature, the ChargeArm is one of the best electric vehicle charging point solutions for those who can’t have a standard home EV charger installed.

6. Hive Mini Pro 3 – Best home EV charger for British Gas customers

If you are with British Gas for your electricity, the Hive Mini Pro 3 is the best EV charger for you, no questions asked. One of the core benefits of the Hive EV chargers, is its integration with the coveted British Gas EV tariff. In fact, British Gas customers can schedule your EV charging from 12am-5am and get access to lower electricity prices (7.9p per kWh) with their unique electric vehicle tariff.

On top of this, with the Hive SmartCharge add-on, your Hive charger will configure the best charging times for you. The nifty Hive Mini Pro 3 works out the savings on your behalf and then deducts them straight from your energy bill.

For ultimate convenience, you can also manage your electric car charger and any other Hive products at home with the award-winning Hive app. Flexibility and convenience at your finger tips.

7. evec – the best home EV charger for value

The evec provides an affordable electric vehicle charging solution for EV owners without compromising style or functionality.

Even though the evec’s smart features aren’t as extensive as others, you still get sort-after smart features at a fraction of the price. In fact, the evec is one of the cheapest 7kW home EV chargers on the market, making it the best EV home charger for those on a budget.

Housed in a sleek, black unit with futuristic LED lights, the evec provides a modern edge and comes with a simple app. Set charging schedules and manage your charging, taking advantage of cost saving benefits.

8. Sevadis Maxicharger – Best EV charger for business

With unmatched reliability, flexibility and cutting-edge smart features, the Sevadis Maxicharger promises a reliable, robust commercial EV charger making it the best EV charger for business in 2024.

With an industry-leading fault rate of below 0.75%, the Maxicharger ensures next to no need for callbacks or issues with your unit. So, you can enjoy the benefits of your commercial EV chargers in peace.

Choose between a wall-mounted, floor-mounted or floor-mounted pillar, select the charging rate you require (i.e. 7kW, 22kW or more), choose the connectivity options (Wi-Fi, 4G or Bluetooth), and more with the Sevadis Maxicharger – promising maximum flexibility to match your commercial needs.

Employees and customers can activate charging sessions via an RFID card, smartphone app or contactless payment, too, for ultimate convenience and ease of use.

And with seamless communication with a number of back-office management systems such as Monta, you can easily set up billing options, view charging statistics and manage your commercial EV charging points with the Sevadis Maxicharger.

Which EV charger is best in the UK?

There’s no clear cut answer when it comes to the question – which are the best EV chargers? However, in summary, and in our professional opinion, these are the 9 best EV chargers in the UK for home and commercial use:

  • Ohme Home Pro – best EV home charger for tariff compatibility and cost savings
  • Ohme ePod – best home EV charger for tariff compatibility and cost savings
  • Hive Mini Pro 3 – best home EV charger for British Gas customers
  • Easee One – Best home EV charger for aesthetics 
  • Tesla Wall Connector – best EV charger for Tesla owners
  • evec – best EV charger for affordability
  • VCHRGD Seven – best EV charger for smart features
  • Sevadis Maxicharger – best commercial EV charger
  • ChargeArm – best EV charger for those with on-street parking

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