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End-to-end EV charging solutions for restaurants, cafes, and pubs.

Add a new value-added service by installing EV charging facilities at your hospitality business and extend dwell time as customers dine while they recharge.

With over a million battery electric cars already on UK roads and a forecasted growth of a further million by the end of 2024, the automobile market is shifting in favour of electric. Before long, offering EV charging facilities will become mainstream in the gastronomical landscope, rather than a potential competitive edge.

Take advantage of this forecast growth, up to £29,000 of government grant funding, and reap the benefits of catering to EV-centric customers by offering charging points at your hospitality business now. Entice new patrons to visit your business, prolong dwell time by encouraging charge while they dine, and maximise revenue.

At We Power Your Car, we craft bespoke EV charging solutions to match your business needs. Whether you own a small independent café, nationwide food chain, or local pub, we envisage, design, and implement your EV charging solution from start to finish – including everything from DNO applications to hardware and software selection. As an Office for Zero Emission Vehicle-approved installation company, we can apply and manage your grant subsidised EV charger installation, too.

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Commercial EV chargers

  • Wide range of the best AC and DC commercial charging units
  • Fast, rapid and ultra-rapid EV charging points for different electrical infrastructure (7kW – 150kW power outputs)
  • Compatible commercial EV solutions for all electric and hybrid cars
  • OCPP and smart EV charging regulation hardware compliant
  • OZEV-approved commercial EV charging points
  • Scalable, future-proof solutions available

Finance options  

Have the flexibility to purchase EV chargers or explore leasing options to suit your business’s specific needs and budget.

Grant incentives

The cost of investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure can often be a barrier to EV adoption. But did you know there are thousands of pounds worth of government grant funding available for the commercial market?

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