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Hive Mini Pro 3

We’re authorised by British Gas to supply and install the coveted Hive Mini Pro 3. Approximately the size of an A5 notebook, the Hive EV charger ranks as one of the smallest home chargers on the market – but don’t let its size fool you. While small in stature, the Hive’s 7.2kW power output and advanced smart features pack a punch.

*With Hive’s FreeCharge feature, you get up to 8,000 miles of free electric car charging for an entire year. Simply plug in and set your ‘Ready by time’, and your Hive will automatically charge your EV with cheaper, greener energy. 100% of the cost will be reimbursed towards your energy bill, up to a maximum of 8,000 miles – British Gas’ fair usage cap.

Need an urgent top-up during the day? You can override FreeCharge to get an immediate paid-for charge at any time.

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*Cost includes standard installation

All you need is:

  • A Hive EV charger
  • Any British Gas electricity tariff
  • A Smart Meter
  • FreeCharge enabled on the Hive app

Don’t have a smart meter? British Gas will install one for free. Not with British Gas for your energy tariff? Sign up for a British Gas tariff via our link.

Moreover, with the award-winning Hive app, you can manage your electric car charger and any other Hive products at home, offering full and easy control in one place. Set charge schedules, monitor charging history and get access to British Gas’ specialist tariff – the British Gas EV Tariff – that promises greener and more cost-effective smart home charging.

Elevate your home EV charging experience with the Hive Mini Pro 3.


Power output



Charge 300% faster than a three-pin plug EV charger with the British Gas Hive charger.




Neat and discreet, the matte-black Hive wall charger is approximately the size of an A5 notebook.




Combine British Gas's Hive 3-year warranty, and We Power Your Car's seven days a week support, and peace of mind is guaranteed with your installation.




With Hive's FreeCharge feature, you get free electric car charging for an entire year. T&Cs apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions_

*Up to a maximum of 2,290kWh of electricity consumed by the charge point in FreeCharge mode. The maximum consumption in FreeCharge mode is approximately equivalent to 8,000 miles transferred to EV(s) by the charge point, based on an assumed vehicle efficiency of 3.5 miles/kWh. Terms and conditions apply.