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Ohme Home Pro

Introducing the Ohme Home Pro – a compact, tethered 7.4kW EV charger built on the foundations of cost-saving technology.

Compatible with all electricity tariffs, you can sync your Ohme Home Pro with your energy tariff, automatically charging at the cheapest times and rates available to you. For those on the OVO anytime tariff, this means you can charge your electric car at home for as little as 7p per kWh.

For ease of use for any EV driver, you have access to three unique ways to manage your home charging. Control your charging sessions via the buttons on the front of the unit, the unique interactive LCD screen, or the trusted Ohme smartphone app.

The Ohme app enables added functionality, too. Review EV charging statistics, including kW usage and home charging costs, schedule charging sessions and more.

With the Ohme Home Pro, practicality, smart functionality and cost-saving are combined to create a market-leading home EV charger.

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Charge 300% faster than a three-pin plug EV charger with the Ohme Home Pro, reducing charging times.

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Ensure seamless connectivity between your car, app, and charger with the built-in 3G/4G sim card.




Peace of mind is guaranteed with Ohme Home Pro's 3-year warranty, and We Power Your Car's seven days a week support.

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Octopus and the Ohme go hand in hand. Charge for as little as 7.5p/kWh for six hours every night with an Ohme charger and Intelligent Octopus tariff during off-peak times.


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