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End-to-end EV charging solutions for public and private car parks.

Boost footfall at your car park with a futureproof EV charging solution.

Soon, electric vehicles will take more market share than petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK’s automotive landscape. And, with on-street parking as an ever-growing challenge for home EV charger installations, public EV charging points, especially in car parks, will play a crucial role in facilitating the switch to electric by providing adequate infrastructure for EV owners.

Install EV chargers in your car park in 2024 and encourage the adoption of sustainable transportation by enhancing the convenience and accessibility of EV charging for drivers while they are shopping, running errands, or simply catering to those in need of a place to charge. In turn, you will be rewarded with new customers and an additional revenue stream.

Ensure your public or private car park is ready for the electrification of the UK by providing EV charging stations today. With our agnostic approach, we create tailored EV charging solutions to match your EV charging needs. Whether you own a large multi-story car park or a small publicly owned car park, we can supply and install your EV charging solution from start to finish, handling the entire process on your behalf – including back-office management systems and DNO application.

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Commercial EV chargers

  • Wide range of the best AC and DC commercial charging units
  • Fast, rapid and ultra-rapid EV charging points for different electrical infrastructure (7kW – 150kW power outputs)
  • Compatible commercial EV solutions for all electric and hybrid cars
  • OCPP and smart EV charging regulation hardware compliant
  • OZEV-approved commercial EV charging points
  • Scalable, future-proof solutions available

Finance options  

Have the flexibility to purchase EV chargers or explore leasing options to suit your business’s specific needs and budget.

Grant incentives

The cost of investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure can often be a barrier to EV adoption. But did you know there are thousands of pounds worth of government grant funding available for the commercial market?

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