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Manufactured with affordability in mind, the evec charger promises an accessible, user-friendly 7.4kW EV charger for all – without compromising on quality, design or functionality.

Equipped with a unique blend of essential and premium smart charging features at no additional cost, electric car owners are guaranteed an upgraded home charging experience against slow, untidy 3-pin plug charging.

Top up your electric car battery with free, surplus solar energy and reduce your electricity bill with evec’s new solar compatibility. Or, set charging schedules via the evec EV charger app and take advantage of cheaper electricity during overnight off-peak hours. The potential cost savings don’t end at the point of purchase with an evec car charger.



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Charge 300% faster than a three-pin plug EV charger with an evec charger.

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& 2

The evec is universal, so whether your battery or hybrid electric vehicle has a Type 2 socket or Type 1, as long as you have the matching cable, you are free to charge.




Cost-effective home charging at no expense. Performance, functionality and style are still guaranteed, and future savings are baked in.




With a high IP rating and quality build, the evec is corrosion-resistant, fire retardant, and weatherproof for a long-lasting home charger.


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