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Do you worry about the hazards of running cables across your pavement when charging your electric vehicle? Or, do you want to invest in a home electric vehicle charger, but you don’t have the luxury of off-street parking?

Look no further. We have the solution – the ChargeArm!

What is the ChargeArm?

The ChargeArm is an all-new alternative for charging your electric vehicle “over the pavement.”  The dutch-designed ChargeArm allows people without dedicated off-street parking to finally have a home charging point! This is something that, up until now, has been a growing unsolved issue. 

So, say goodbye to untidy three-pin plug charging and long waits at public charging points with the ChargeArm! A unit that promises safe, tidy and clean charging. 

The ChargeArm can be for both home and commercial use!

How does the ChargeArm work?

The ChargeArm is installed at the front of your property and can be wall-mounted or ground-mounted. Given that the charging arm extends and is suspended from a distinct height whilst charging, you can easily charge your EV without bothering pedestrians or posing a safety hazard. Simply unplug your charging connector from the unit, tug the arm down and plug your connector into your EV.

After your charging session has finished, you simply fold your ChargeArm back into its housing, and the cable disappears from view.

Is the ChargeArm safe?

Of course! The ChargeArm has been developed and designed with safety at the forefront of the product. The unit is firmly anchored to the ground while ensuring no sharp edges or protruding screws. Furthermore, the charging cable is permanently attached to the arm, meaning nobody can remove or steal it.

Is it a hazard for pedestrians?

Not at all. Whilst charging, no wires or cables are running across the pavement; only a charging cable is suspended above. However, it does not block pedestrians, prams, seniors, people with disabilities or anyone for that matter from using the pavement.

What happens if someone pulls on the ChargeArm?

The ChargeArm is equipped with a limited force gas lift, meaning if someone tries to pull on the cable whilst the arm is extended, it will slowly move downwards and partially fold inwards. This means no trapped fingers or risk of injury. Once released, it will return to its original position.

What about the electricals?

All the metal parts of the ChargeArm are fully earthed.

ChargeArm Case Study

Learn about our recent ChargeArm installation

The ChargeArm Design

The ChargeArm is a robust, elegant and safe unit. In a neutral slate-grey colour, the housing is made from recycled aluminium, while the other components are stainless steel. Designed with functionality in mind, the ChargeArm is entirely weatherproof, having been tried and tested rigorously in the tempestuous Dutch weather.

Your ChargeArm promises clean, dry and protected charging due to its patented design. For example, as the charging cable is raised by a sophisticated mechanism, your ChargeArm will never get dirty, ensuring a clean unit and clean hands!

To view the full ChargeArm Specifications, please click here.

ChargeArm FAQs

What is the reach of the ChargeArm?

The reach of the ChargeArm is approximately 2.3m.

How long is the warranty? 

The ChargeArm comes with a five-year warranty.

Do I have to gain relevant permission to have a ChargeArm installed? 

Yes, you will need to obtain permission from your local council or landowner before having the ChargeArm installed on your property.

Can I have a ChargeArm on my drive? 

Yes, you can have a ChargeArm on your drive. It is not just designed for on-street use.

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