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End-to-end EV charging solutions for field service fleets.

Ensure your team starts each day with a full EV battery with a reliable home EV charging solution.

Constantly relying on public electric vehicle charging comes with its cost. The weighted average of rapid public chargers stands at 80p/kWh*. Often the expensive charging costs comes coupled with long queues – especially during peak hours – which can disrupt your planned routes and schedules.

Transform your employees’ electric experience and guarantee efficiency by providing a tailored home EV charging solution. With added convenience, your field service driver will leave home with a full charge every morning, minimising reliance on public EV charging networks, leveraging cheaper EV charging costs and ensuring efficiency.

Prepare your field service employees by providing reliable, future-proof home EV chargers now. At We Power Your Car, we offer intuitive, streamlined home EV charging solutions. Whether you are interested in providing a handful of home EV chargers for a select few or covering your entire fleet, we can handle every step of the supply and installation.

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Commercial EV chargers

  • Wide range of the best AC and DC commercial charging units
  • Fast, rapid and ultra-rapid EV charging points for different electrical infrastructure (7kW – 150kW power outputs)
  • Compatible commercial EV solutions for all electric and hybrid cars
  • OCPP and smart EV charging regulation hardware compliant
  • OZEV-approved commercial EV charging points
  • Scalable, future-proof solutions available

Finance options  

Have the flexibility to purchase EV chargers or explore leasing options to suit your business’s specific needs and budget.

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*Source – https://www.zap-map.com/ev-stats/charging-price-index#:~:text=The%20weighted%20average%20price*%20to,24%20pence%20per%20mile%20respectively.