Used electric cars: the ultimate guide to second hand EVs

Used electric cars: the ultimate guide to second hand EVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) have tried and true benefits: lower running costs, reduced carbon emissions and a smoother drive are all part of the EV experience – to name a few perks.

However, due to their high price tag, drivers are constantly researching ways to enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles without paying the costly price.

One way is through used electric cars.

But can you buy second-hand electric cars? Do used electric cars hold their value? Is it worth investing in second-hand EVs? Should I purchase a used electric vehicle?

Our extensive guide on used electric cars in the UK will provide you with all the answers.

Can you buy a second-hand electric car?

Yes, absolutely – you can easily buy a second-hand electric vehicle in the UK.

In fact, the number of used electric cars is rapidly increasing as EV adoption continues to climb. With this shift, there’s an increase in 2nd hand EV manufacturers and models available for sale.

According to SMMT, the used electric car market reached record levels, having risen to heights of 90.9% in February this year, bringing an abundance of used electric vehicles to your doorstep.

Do used electric cars hold their value?

Yes and no. Before we delve into the answer, it’s important to be aware that any car’s value depreciates over time, whether electric or otherwise. Once driven off the forecourt when first purchased, any vehicle will instantly start to lose value. Therefore, it isn’t a like-for-like comparison of electric cars and petrol/diesel vehicles.

So, while the answer is technically no (because used electric cars do lose their value) – it’s unfair to compare and contrast EVs and petrol/diesel vehicles so explicitly.

That said, popular—and more premium—electric car models and manufacturers such as Tesla (Tesla Model Y and X) and BMW will always retain their value more than those with lesser value.

Of course, you can also collect cost savings from used electric cars in other ways. For example, reduced charging costs and exemptions from the ULEZ, Congestion Charge and road tax.

Where can you buy second-hand electric cars?

Any well-known car company will sell second-hand electric cars in the UK. In some cases, the range of models and manufacturers available may be limited, but you can search around for the best used electric cars for sale.

For a broader range, you can easily find your perfect second-hand electric car online. Simply search ‘Autotrader used electric cars’ or ‘Arnold clark used electric cars’. Trusted companies such as Auto Trader, Cazoo, and AA all offer used electric cars online now.

On the other hand, if you looking for used electric cars for sale near you, or if you prefer in-person purchasing, or even wanting to test drive, visit your local dealership. They will likely have used electric cars or second hand plug in hybrids for you to try.

What are the best second-hand electric cars?

When buying used electric cars, the best second-hand electric cars are premium EVs with a larger battery and slower battery depreciation, ensuring you have lots of life left for your drive.

How much do second-hand electric cars cost?

Currently, electric cars are more expensive than petrol and diesel vehicles. Used electric car prices vary, but they are significantly lower compared to brand-new EVs and some petrol and diesel cars.

For example, according to carwow, the BMW i3 has a retail price of £30,000 up to £47,000, whereas used BMW i3’s start at nearly £10,000.

Typically, the average cost of a second-hand electric car in the UK ranges from £10,000 to £30,000. Fleetnews stated that the exact average pinpoint was at £20,392 across AA electric cars.

Be that as it may, the price of a second-hand electric car depends on different factors. Model, manufacturer, age, battery condition, battery size, and more all impact the price of a used EV cars for sale.

It goes without saying that the more premium the electric car, the more expensive the second-hand EV will be.

Why are second-hand electric cars so cheap?

Typically, electric used vehicles are cheaper than new EVs because of the battery depreciation. Another reason why second-hand EVs are so cheap is because a few of the early models lack the same functionality as newer ones, with some having smaller battery capacity and limited features.

Should you worry about the range of second-hand electric cars?

To start, EV range can vary. Manufacturers set a claimed range, but the true range changes depending on a number of factors – and frequently fluctuates. Different weather conditions, battery capacity, speed and more – these can all impact your range during every day driving.

On top of this, you should go into the used EV sale knowing that the range of the second-hand EV will be lower than if you purchased a brand-new electric car simply because of how an EV battery depreciates over time. It’s normal and shouldn’t be a cause for concern as even with a decreased range, a used EV can still provide a long and valuable car life.

In our opinion, there shouldn’t be any reason to fret over the range of your second-hand electric car. According to the National Grid, EV batteries have a life of 15-20 years. Further to this, most electric car manufacturers offer an eight-year warranty or 100,000-mile cover – whichever comes first. So, you can confidently say you won’t be stuck with an unusable range or a dud battery.

Incorporate our tips and tricks into your day-to-day and prolong the health of your EV battery. With this, you should have nothing to fear when it comes to the range of your used electric vehicle.

Should you get a used electric vehicle? Are second hand electric cars worth buying?

Generally, used electric cars are cheaper than new electric cars, providing a more affordable entry into electric vehicle ownership. This is because second-hand EV cars have already gone through the steepest part of the depreciation curve. Purchasing a used electric car is therefore the perfect way to get access to an electric car without the high upfront cost. Save the environment, save on charging fees, and have an all-round smoother drive, all with an electric car purchased second-hand.

The downside of buying used electric cars is that older batteries may have reduced capacity and a shorter range. Plus, second-hand electric cars might lack the latest technology and features found in newer models. But this can all be avoided with proper research into finding the best second hand EV for you.

Of course, if price is still a concern, there are other ways to afford an electric car. In truth, EV salary sacrifice schemes are one of the best ways to significantly lower the cost of an electric car.

Can you get a grant on second-hand electric cars?

Unfortunately not – you can’t get a grant towards the cost of a second-hand electric car in the UK.

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