Benefits of EV chargers at commercial locations

Why install business EV chargers? The benefits of EV chargers at commercial locations

As the number of EVs continues to soar (one EV sold every 60 seconds in July 2023), the need for accessible and efficient charging infrastructure is becoming more and more apparent.

While home charging remains a convenient option for many electric vehicle (EV) owners, commercial locations, such as businesses, shopping centres, and car parks, have begun to play a pivotal role in expanding the EV charging network while simultaneously bringing benefits to stakeholders in businesses.

But what exactly are the benefits of having commercial EV chargers at your business premises?

In this blog, we explore the benefits of installing business electric vehicle chargers at commercial locations, examining how these chargers not only serve as a practical amenity for EV drivers but also contribute significantly to sustainability efforts, business growth, and enhanced customer experiences.

1. An additional source of revenue

Installing EV chargers for businesses can create a new revenue stream. Whether you opt for rapid chargers or fast chargers, you can charge customers or visitors a premium per charging session using a back office management system and generate a new revenue stream for your business.

Over time, you’ll likely recoup your investment and even earn a profit, especially with the help of government grants available for commercial EV charger installation.

2. Stay ahead of your competitors

With the number of electric cars on UK roads soaring – 1,000,000 fully electric cars and 600,000 hybrids, to be exact – soon, offering employees and visitors somewhere to charge their electric vehicles will become the norm.

By installing EV chargers for business now, you can enhance your brand image and gain a competitive edge. Even one charger can make your business an example of corporate social responsibility and customer-centric thinking.

3. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and CSR

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability is vital in today’s business landscape with the looming threat of global warming. Not only does making the switch to zero emissions vehicles signal that your business is environmentally conscious by emitting fossil fuel usage, but installing commercial EV chargers further aligns with your sustainability goals and reduces your carbon footprint. This commitment can improve your brand image and attract an environmentally conscious audience, expanding your customer base.

In fact, you could invest in solar electric car chargers and decrease your businesses’ carbon emissions further by using renewable energy to charge your electric car.

4. Increase footfall

List your EV charge points on Zap-Map or other EV charging apps, and boost your brand’s exposure, resulting in new visitors.

Nearby EV owners, whether locals or tourists, will be drawn to your business to charge their cars – especially DC chargers which have charging times of twenty minutes to an hour.

Often, these potential customers will explore what’s on offer while they wait, increasing dwell time and resulting in more sales – especially if your business is in the service or retail industries.

5. Create a loyal customer base

Offering electric car charging stations, especially with a customer-friendly pricing strategy, demonstrates your commitment to accommodating all clientele and customer satisfaction. This can foster loyalty among your customers, giving them a reason to return to your business time and time again.

Did you know nearly £30,000 of grant funding is available for commercial EV charger installations?

The initial cost of installing EV chargers at commercial locations can often be a hurdle. However, there are substantial government grant incentives available for the commercial market, making it more financially feasible to install business EV chargers. The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) and the EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets provide thousands of pounds worth of savings for businesses in relation to installing electric vehicle charge points.

As OZEV-approved installers, we can handle all grant paperwork on your behalf.


In summary, the advantages of commercial EV chargers extend beyond providing a convenient service for electric vehicle owners. They offer businesses an opportunity to generate revenue, stay competitive, showcase sustainability efforts, access grant incentives, attract more visitors, and build a loyal customer base. In an age where sustainability and innovation are paramount, the installation of commercial EV chargers can be a game-changer for businesses looking to thrive as the EV market continues to grow.

Interested in commercial EV charging solutions?

At We Power Your Car, we offer fast charging and rapid charging solutions from supply to installation. From commercial chargers at hotels, restaurants, supermarkets or shopping centres, we can supply and install AC and DC commercial EV charging stations to match your businesses’ needs. Whether you require one EV charger for your business, or a hundred, we cover the entire spectrum.

Call a member of our commercial team directly for free, unbiased advice on 03333 44 96 99 or get in contact. Our lines are open seven days a week, including bank holidays. We can arrange an online site survey, or you can request an in-person survey.

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