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At We Power Your Car, we are proven experts in the supply and installation of home charge points for all types of Electric Vehicle (EV). With over 7000 successful installations around the UK, we have been helping motorists get access to smarter, faster EV home charging solutions for many years.

Why Choose We Power Your Car?

By choosing We Power Your Car to supply and install your home charge point you get:

  • Impartial advice and guidance without obligation to proceed
  • Grant application and management service free of charge
  • A wide-ranging choice of Office of Zero Emissions (OZEV) approved compatible home chargers for your electric vehicle. (We are not tied to one brand or one manufacturer)
  • OZEV accredited, highly trained and experienced installers
  • The benefit of our comprehensive knowledge of the latest safety procedures and regulations around home charger installations.
  • Commercial multi-point installations for fleet and industry

Benefits of EV Home Charging Stations

Whether you currently own or intend to own an electric vehicle in the near future, a dedicated and optimised home charging station will give you ac-cess to up to 300% faster charging times over a standard three pin socket. This is true whether the vehicle is a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), or a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). You also have the ability to automatically utilise cheaper tariff rates and greener energy supplies as part of a smart-er home charging network.

The Increased Demand for Electric Car Charging in Apartment Blocks and Flats

In 2020, electric vehicles (EVs) accounted for 1 in 10 new cars sold. This is up from 1 in 30 in 2019. Overall demand for fully electric vehicles grew by 186%. In a recent poll, 83% of drivers said they plan to make the switch to an EV with their next car purchase (including 91% of millennials).
Recently, people living in rented blocks and flats includes the 91% of mil-lennials, which are the most likely group to be living in this type of ac-commodation.

Incorporating Electric Car Charging in Apartment Blocks as Part of a New Build Construction

At We Power Your Car, we have begun to utilise our experience in the industry to provide multi-point charging facilities to a range of companies and fleet owners who need additional charging facilities for a larger number of electric vehicles.

We see no reason why this should not be extended to new build apartment blocks and even existing buildings. We see a future where every communal parking space has an up-stand with a smart charging facility available.

Level of Difficulty Scale for Charger Installation in Flats and Apartments

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We Power Your Car can Rise to the Challenge

In order to meet its own emission targets along the road to zero emissions, the Government, the energy companies and supply and installation firms like We Power Your Car need to find and employ innovative solutions to the issues around electric car charging in flats and electric car charging in apartment blocks.

At We Power Your Car, we believe that the challenge points for a large portion of flat and apartment dwellers from taking up the same smart charging capability available to the rest of the population can be overcome.

Planning EV charging into new builds is vital as is using currently available funding streams to develop innovative solutions to the issues related to existing buildings. The technology already exists and it is now a matter of applying it to overcome these issues and bring smart charging to the people most likely to be early up-takers.

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