British Gas EV tariff explained

British Gas EV tariff explained

As new electric car tariffs enter the EV charging landscape, many EV drivers are asking – Do British Gas have an EV tariff?

The answer is a resounding yes. British Gas has their coveted British Gas EV tariff. Or, sometimes referred to as the British Gas Electric Driver tariff.

But what is the British Gas EV tariff? What do you need to take advantage of the EV tariff by British Gas? What time is the Electric Driver tariff on British Gas?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the British Gas EV tariff.

What is the British Gas EV tariff?

The British Gas EV tariff is an energy tariff that allows you to charge at a fixed unit rate of 7.9p per kWh during off-peak hours. Not only can EV owners charge their EV battery for cheaper with the British Gas EV tariff during these off-peak times, but your electricity prices will also be cheaper. So, you can use other household appliances and reap the rewards of cheaper electricity prices, too – not just on home EV charging.

Charging your car during these off-peak hours also promises more eco-friendly charging. Energy generated overnight tends to be from more renewable sources such as wind, ensuring cheaper, greener EV charging.

What time is the electric driver tariff on British Gas?

The British Gas Electric Driver tariff is between the hours of 12am until 5am everyday – so you can charge your electric car for as little as 8.95p per kWh hour during these overnight hours.

What do I need to take advantage of the British Gas electric car tariff?

Unlike other electricity tariffs on the market, the British Gas tariff is compatible with all dedicated home EV chargers and electric vehicles (EVs). The only caveat is that you need to be with British Gas for your electricity, have a British Gas electricity smart meter installed at home and use a direct debit to pay.

If you decide you want to switch back to a standard variable tariff, there are no exit fees if you leave the British Gas electric driver tariff.

How do I get the British Gas electric vehicle tariff?

If you are an existing customer of British Gas, you can login to your online account and change now.

If you are not a previous British Gas customer, you can input your details and get a quote online.

Do I need a Hive Mini Pro 3 for the British Gas EV tariff?

While it’s not essential to have the British Gas Hive Mini Pro 3 home EV charger to use the British Gas EV charging tariff – you can save more on EV charging costs by doing so – among other positives.

By choosing the Hive Mini Pro 3, you will get access to:

  • Up to 8,000 miles of free EV charging for the first year with British Gas’ FreeCharge*
  • Manage your electric car charger and any other Hive products at home with the Hive app, offering full and easy control in one place.
  • A sleek, discreet A5 notebook sized matte black home EV charger
  • Built-in PEN protection
  • Integrated load management
  • Automatic over-the-air software updates

What’s more, British Gas and Hive EV charger owners can take advantage of Hive’s SmartCharge feature. Enable this feature in the Hive app and leave your EV plugged overnight, and British Gas will charge your electric car when electricity is at its cheapest and reimburse the costs the longer your EV stays plugged in.

Combine the Hive’s SmartCharge feature with British Gas’s Electric Driver tariff, and EV owners could charge as little as 4.95p/kWh during 12 am-5 am.

Do I get cheaper electricity with the British Gas EV tariff during the day?

Since the EV tariff is focused on off-peak savings, electricity prices and therefore charging prices will be more than the fixed rate during peak hours.

Roughly during standard hours, peak rates will apply, and electricity on the British Gas EV tariff will cost approximately 54p per day at 20.48p per kWh.

Interested in a British Gas Hive installation?

Save more on your energy bills with the Hive Mini Pro EV charger. As British Gas approved engineers are are authorised to supply and install the British Gas Hive EV chargers nationwide. From enquiry to post-installation, we handle everything on your behalf and keep you updated every step of the way.

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