4G compatability Fast charging WiFi if preferred

Easee One

Experience simplified yet smart home EV charging with the 7.4kW Easee One EV charger.

Designed and manufactured in Norway but developed for UK use, the Easee One’s unique lightning-intelligent technology is compatible with all electric vehicles and electrics.

Flexibility is always guaranteed with Easee’s tech. The Easee One’s 2-in-1 functionality allows you to switch between a tethered and untethered home charger at the touch of a button. Keep the charging cable unlocked and away for a clean aesthetic, or secure it in place for an imitated tethered unit.

And the Easee’s clean, Scandinavian design doesn’t stop there. Go the extra mile and tailor your Easee One to match your home and personal preferences. Blend it seamlessly into the background in a classic black, or use the interchangeable front cover and capture your neighbour’s attention with a coloured faceplate.

For smarter charging, use Easee’s intuitive app to schedule charging sessions during off-peak hours, review data history and more.

Experience the Easee One – where lightning-smart technology meets sleek design and future-proof functionality. Given its title as a best-seller at We Power Your Car and rated the best home EV charger by What Car?, the Easee One is an elite EV charging solution for all.

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OTA Software updates



As soon as new software is available, the Easee One EV charger automatically updates without the need for manual tinkering.

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For complete charging freedom, switch between a tethered or socketed (untethered) state at the touch of a button.




Peace of mind is guaranteed with Easee's 3-year warranty and We Power Your Car's seven days a week support.




The Easee One is equipped with a free-for-life built-in e-sim for a mobile connection as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. No matter your home setup, a strong, reliable connection between your EV, Easee app and Easee charger is guaranteed.


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