When should you buy a home EV charger?

When should you buy a home EV charger?

Electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure are still relatively new in this day and age. And because of this, a question repeatedly asked is, at what point should I buy a home EV charger?

Unfortunately, the question has no definitive answer, as it depends on various factors, including financial viability.

That said, we always suggest buying your home EV charger when you order your electric car or immediately after purchase to leave enough time for the charger to be safely and compliantly installed.

Unlike other charging equipment, such as phone and laptop chargers, electric vehicle chargers are not easily bought and installed – in fact, the installation process can be complex and, sometimes, time-consuming.

Distribution network operators (DNO) need to be notified of all EV charger installations, and sometimes, gaining approval can take weeks or months. Other works may also need to be completed before installation can take place, such as fuse upgrades.

Additionally, with the surge in electric car ownership in the UK reaching 1,145,000, EV charger installation companies are getting busier than ever, meaning there may be a queue of EV drivers wanting an EV charger as soon as possible.

More so, as time passes and the number of electric cars on UK roads increases (especially with the 2035 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars approaching), the demand for home chargers will increase. In turn, installation companies will likely become increasingly busier, resulting in longer lead times.

Keep reading to find out when you should purchase a home EV charger.

When should I buy a home EV charger?

If you’ve just purchased, ordered or have new access to an electric car (such as through a salary sacrifice scheme), investing in an EV charger from the start makes the most sense.

While most EVs come with a standard three-pin plug cable – sometimes referred to as a granny charger – dedicated home EV chargers offer three times faster charging times, more convenience, and additional smart EV charging features that mean you charge for cheaper (such as the Ohme Home Pro with energy tariff integration that can help you save up to £600 a year).

If you purchase your home EV charger when you order your electric car – you’ll ensure it’s installed before it arrives. Due to the DNO application and approval process, it can take weeks, sometimes months, for a home electric vehicle charger to be installed. So, to ensure you can take advantage of cheaper, greener and more convenient home charging from the get-go, take time to understand the timeline and purchase your EV charger when your electric car is on order.

Of course, financial viability needs to be accounted for when deciding if and when you should buy an EV charger. We are not oblivious to the upfront cost (but there are other, cheaper ways to afford one – such as through finance). So, make sure you evaluate the economic benefits of installing a home EV charger, but factor in potential savings on fuel costs, too.

For example, home chargers are considerably cheaper to charge your EV than public charging points (unless you find rare public charging points for free). In fact, home electricity prices have dropped to approximately 28.6 pence in some areas of the UK, compared to 7kW public chargers at approximately 56p/kWh, according to Zap-Map.

Add in advanced smart features such as tariff integration and charge scheduling, and you can charge even cheaper during off-peak hours (overnight). For instance, with the British Gas EV tariff, you can actually charge for as little as 8.95p between 12am-5am.

Government incentives are also available, which can provide funding for EV chargers. However, it’s important to note that the £350 grant for homeowner EV chargers ended in 2022. Now, only renters, flat owners, and businesses are eligible for grants.


Learn more about the available EV charger grants in 2024.


Over time, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of home EV charging will outweigh the initial investment. But finance is available on our range of home EV chargers if you want to spread the cost over time.


The decision of when to buy an EV charger ultimately depends on your specific circumstances and priorities. That said, we suggest investing in a home EV charger as soon as you have ordered your electric car to ensure you have it installed for when your new vehicle arrives.

Interested in buying a home EV charger?

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