WiFi Compatibility Fast Charging Type 2 Connectivity


Integrated with sought-after smart EV charging features, the midnight black 7kW VCHRGD Seven EV charger goes beyond the basics of home charging – at no extra cost.

Experience the benefits of using free, surplus solar energy to charge your EV with solar integration and the added layer of safety with dynamic load balancing. On top of this, you can schedule charging with the VCHRGD app or stop and start your home charging with VCHRGD’s RFID card compatibility. Packed with advanced smart features, the VCHRGD promises endless home charging possibilities.

Supercharge your savings and save hundreds of pounds a year with the VCHRGD Seven’s smart tariff integration, too. Compatible with leading electricity tariffs, such as OVO Charge Anytime and E.on Next Drive, EV drivers get access to cheaper electricity prices overnight with VCHRGD.

Invest in an affordable, feature-rich home EV charging solution with the VCHRGD Seven – where innovation meets sustainability.

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Charge 300% faster than a three-pin plug EV charger with a VCHRGD Seven.

Tariff integration



Supercharge your home charging savings with VCHRGD's integration with market-leading smart tariffs: OVO Charge Anytime, E.on Next Drive, the British Gas Electric Driver tariff and more.




Peace of mind is guaranteed with VCHRGD's 3-year warranty, and We Power Your Car's seven days a week support.

Trees Planted


For every VCHRGD Seven produced, seven trees are planted. By choosing the VCHRGD Seven, you're not just charging your EV; you're making a positive impact on the planet.


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