Are Aldi EV chargers free? Aldi EV charging explained

Are Aldi EV chargers free? Aldi EV Charging explained.

Topping up your electric vehicle while you shop has become an increasingly convenient charging route. But as charging infrastructure across the UK continues to grow, electric vehicle (EV) owners are eager to know the availability of free Aldi electric car charging.

But does Aldi have EV chargers? Is it free to charge an electric car at Aldi? Which Aldi stores have EV chargers?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Aldi EV chargers in the UK.

Are Aldi car chargers free? How much does Aldi charging cost?

Are Aldi electric car charging points free? isn’t a simple yes or no answer, unfortunately. Aldi free EV charging varies depends on the store you visit as Aldi stores in the UK have different policies – some offer free EV charging, while others may charge a fee.

If you come across an Aldi charge point that doesn’t offer free charging, the Aldi electric car charging costs start from approximately 44p/kWh at Pod Point 7kW chargers and 59p/kWh for 7kW Shell chargers.

But more often than not, free electric car charging is available at Aldi stores in the UK, but it may come at another price, usually in the form of time restrictions. Aldi usually has time restrictions that often apply for the length of stay at the store. For example, Aldi chargers at in Guiseley does offer free charging, but there is a maximum stay of 90 minutes.

What EV chargers are available at Aldi?

Aldi offers a diverse range of public charging points. Rates of 7kW, 11kW, and 22kW EV chargers are available from a variety of providers – Shell, BP Pulse, and Pod Point chargers. In total, the majority of Aldi electric car chargers are Shell AC chargers, rated at 22kW.

All of Aldi EV chargers have Type 2 connectors.

In August this year, Aldi and Shell announced a collaboration in installing 50kW rapid electric vehicle chargers at 11 Aldi stores at the UK. Shell haven’t confirmed whether the rapid charging points will be widely adopted at Aldi’s in the future, but the trial it a great way to introduce more public charging points in the UK infrastructure.

How do I find Aldi EV charging near me?

To find Aldi EV chargers near you, use the store locator and filter by electric vehicle charging points – any car battery chargers at Aldi’s near you will pop up on the screen.

Another way to find Aldi stores with chargers near you is to use other popular EV charging apps, such as Zap Map, to find nearby electric car charge points.

How to pay for Aldi EV charging UK:

Paying for Aldi car charging is simple, offering flexibility and ease to EV drivers. Options include using the Shell Recharge app (Aldi EV charging app), RFID cards, or contactless payments, making the process seamless for those looking to charge their vehicles during their shopping trips.

How do I use Aldi EV chargers? How to Use Aldi EV Chargers:

Using Aldi EV chargers follow the same rules as other public electric car chargers. Locate the charging station in the Aldi car park, register for an account, use a mobile charging app, or RFID card to initiate the charging session, connect the charging cable securely, and follow on-screen instructions to start the charging session.

Find out how to unplug your EV from a public charger in our blog.


  • Free Aldi charging policies differ among Aldi stores in the UK – some offer free EV charging, while others may charge a fee. Aldi EV charging costs in the UK depend on the stores; some Aldi battery chargers offer free charging, while others require payment.
  • Shell Aldi car battery chargers have specific pricing: Fast: 59p/kWh, Rapid: 79p/kWh, Ultra Rapid: 85p/kWh.
  • Aldi’s in the UK offers a range of public charging points, including 7kW, 11kW, and 22kW options from providers like Shell, BP Pulse, and Pod Point chargers.

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