Does IKEA have electric car chargers?

Does IKEA have electric car chargers? IKEA EV Charging Explained

IKEA is known for its affordable furniture, Scandi-themed home décor, and its infamous Swedish meatballs. But that’s not all; in recent years, the company’s commitment to sustainability has garnered attention as it plans to become a climate-positive business by 2030. New EV charging infrastructure for IKEA’s electric vehicle fleet for customer deliveries and its ahead-of-the-curve developments in electric vehicles (EV) charging facilities have been instrumental in IKEA’s sustainability efforts.

But do all IKEA stores have EV charging points? How much does it cost to charge your electric car at IKEA?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about IKEA and EV charging as we answer the question – does IKEA have electric car chargers?

Does IKEA have electric car chargers?

Good news – all IKEA stores in the UK have GRIDSERVE EV chargers available to use in 2024. So, whether you have a Tesla, a Nissan or an alternative BEV or PHEV, you can top-up your electric vehicle at IKEA while shopping for a convenient and range-anxiety-free trip.

What types of electric car chargers are available at IKEA?

GRIDSERVE EV charging stations are located at all IKEA stores – there are no other brands. However, the caveat is the number of EV charging points available, the speeds, and connector types depend on the location.

For example, at IKEA Wembley, 40kW rapid chargers and 22kW Type 2 fast chargers are available, compared to IKEA Leeds, which offers 50kW CHADEMO, 50kW CCS and 22kW Type 2 charging.

As a general rule of thumb, IKEA offers both fast and rapid EV charging in AC and DC formats and offers Type 2, CHADEMO and CCS connector types to match almost all electric vehicles – except those that use a Type 1 connector.

To find more information about what types of EV chargers are available at your local IKEA, please visit the GRIDSERVE website. Or take advantage of other EV charging apps such as Zap-Map.

How do I pay for the electric vehicle charging points at IKEA UK?

Since all EV chargers at IKEA are GRIDSERVE, you can pay for your IKEA EV charging in two ways. One, pay contactless via credit/debit card or Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Or, two, pay via a Mina Chargepass – which works as an RFID card that can access multiple EV chargers across the UK.

In the future, GRIDSERVE membership and via an app will be coming to fruition.

Is Ikea EV charging free?

Unfortunately, charging your electric car at IKEA is not free – unlike at certain supermarkets and other locations in the UK and Ireland. This has not always been the case. When first introduced, IKEA offered free electric vehicle charging pre-2016 at stores across the country. However, free EV charging at IKEA has come to a close as the number of  EVs in the UK continues to soar (1,145,000 pure battery electric cars to date), meaning IKEA EV chargers cost to charge.

To charge your EV with a GRIDSERVE charger at IKEA in 2024, the prices are as follows:

IKEA EV charger price for DC charging (rapid and ultra-rapid charging up to 350kW) – 79p/kWh

IKEA EV charger price for AC charging (fast charging – usually 22kW) – 49p/kWh


IKEA has recognised the importance of supporting sustainable transportation by offering electric vehicle charging stations at all its stores. As the world transitions to electric vehicles, expect to see more businesses, like IKEA, embracing EV charging to meet the needs of eco-conscious consumers and reap numerous advantages.


  • Electric car chargers are available at all IKEA stores in the UK in 2024. However, the speed of the chargers depends on the location, as certain stores offer different EV charging speeds.
  • The availability of EV charger types and speeds depends on the specific IKEA store location. Common options include fast EV chargers capable of 22kW AC charging and 40kW to 50kW rapid chargers.
  • For detailed information on your local IKEA’s charging options, visit the GRIDSERVE website or use EV charging apps like Zap-Map.
  • You can pay for IKEA EV charging in two ways: 1. Contactless payment using credit/debit cards or mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. 2. Use a Mina Chargepass, which acts as an RFID card granting access to multiple EV chargers across the UK.
  • IKEA EV charging costs depend on the type of charging: For DC Charging with speeds up to 350 kW (rapid and ultra-rapid charging), GRIDSERVE charges approximately 69p per kWh, and AC charging costs around 49p per kWh.

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