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Easee Charge EV charger

Discover the power of the Easee Charge – ideal for commercial use but adaptable for home settings; the Easee Charge’s increased 22kW power output, smarter control and elevated security measures make it the perfect charging solution no matter the scenario.

Easily manage commercial EV charging operations with the streamlined Easee Charge portal or another management platform through the Easee Charge’s integrated OCPP. Control payment processing and access control, ensuring your business has a seamless and powerful charging solution.

What’s more, the Easee Charge harnesses the strength of dynamic load balancing, tapping into every inch of available electrical capacity within the building and distributing power among up to 101 Easee chargers on the same circuit.

Whether at home or in commercial settings such as offices, public car parks, and apartment blocks – the Easee Charge guarantees futureproof, scalable and safe EV charging infrastructure.

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Load balancing



The Easee Charge can safely load balance up to 101 chargers on a single circuit. Enjoy seamless, safe operation, whether online or offline.

Always online



Easee chargers are updated with new features continuously, effortlessly detecting and fixing any problems, including proactive maintenance.

Fully dynamic


/22 kW

Depending on your EV charging needs, the Easee Charge can be adjusted to match the kW power output your electric car requires - up to a maximum of 22 kW.




The Easee Charge weighs only 1.5 kg and is 69% smaller than other EV chargers on the market, saving the environment at least 4 kg of copper and plastic per charger. A perfect commercial EV charging solution for businesses focused on sustainability.


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