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The Future For Fleet is EV

Let’s talk Corporate Social Responsibility.


It’s time for fleet businesses to step up to the mark and integrate environmental concerns with their business operations. The Climate Change Act of 2008 had, at its core, the 2050 target to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% relative to 1990. Companies with fleets of fuel burning vehicles must take responsibility for the negative impact this has on the environment. The opportunity to switch to a clean electric fleet not only demonstrates CSR but can help strengthen brand values and create a competitive advantage in crowded marketplaces.


Because CSR doesn’t have to be bad for business.


Saving the earth doesn’t need to cost the earth; there are considerable cost benefits for businesses switching to EV fleets. Not only are fuel costs reduced by going electric (driving an EV car is estimated to save £100 per 1000 miles compared to the petrol equivalent), but with stricter CO2 legislation being introduced every year, CO2 emissions tax is fast becoming a key deciding factor when fleet managers are selecting their vehicles. Add on to this the plug-in Government grants now available on the price of new low-emission vehicles and charging point installation and it’s crystal clear; there has never been a better time to make your fleet electric.


And whereas in the past, EV range and charging infrastructure proved barriers for fleets, these factors are no longer an issue. There is now a broader range of options in the company car market than ever before – with both luxury and everyday vehicles available as EVs. In fact, EVs are predicted to make up two thirds of all road vehicles by 2050. And with more EVs on the road, come more charging stations. The government has committed a budget of £38m for public charging points and the numbers are increasing by the month.


With We Power Your Car, packages for installing home charging and charging on work premises are quick and easy to organise and install, cost effective and easy to manage.


The future really is electric. Future-proof your business with an EV fleet and contact We Power Your Car today.

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Tethered charger

This type of electric charger has it's own cable to charge your car.

Socketed charger

This type of electric charger requires a seperate cable to charge your car.

Underground cable

We lay SWA cable laid at 600mm deep, with a protective cable warning tape laid 150mm above the cable. These are laid on a sand or sifted sand soil bed then backfilled.

Overhead cable

We position overhead cables at a minimum height of 3.5m and are run along a catenary wire. The cable run should not be accessible to vehicles.

Standard installation for the Homecharger covers the majority of homes in the UK and includes the following: