Socially distanced installations by We Power Your Car - We Power Your Car
Please note our qualified installers are working throughout lockdown and comply with social distancing guidelines.

Socially distanced installations by We Power Your Car

Here at We Power Your Car, we’ve taken many steps to keep both you and our engineers safe whilst still carrying out installations under social distancing guidelines. We know that you still need your electric vehicle charger, especially as we are returning to normal life. So, what are we doing to keep you safe?

Keeping our distance physically

Whilst our engineers would love to be able to connect with you when they arrive for your install, as a business we need to be responsible for everyone’s well-being. 

Our engineer will call you when they arrive to ask for access to any necessary outlets or areas required to carry out your installation. Your engineer will be fully equipped with all the PPE they need to keep them safe under all circumstances. 

If during the install your engineer has a question about anything, they will give you a call instead of discussing it with you face to face. This means that no contact is needed between you, the customer, and the engineer who is completing the installation of your chosen EV charger. 

Contactless document signing

When your engineer completes the job, we’re using a contactless signing system to approve the installation. You’ll be sent a link to sign the document, instead of using a touch screen device provided by your engineer. 

You’ll also be able to sign for your government grant with this contactless system, meaning you and our engineer can keep a safe distance whilst still approving the job and taking the financial benefits of an electric vehicle and its charging grants. 

At We Power Your Car, we can provide a charging solution, whatever your setup. We’ll recommend the best chargers for you, then you can choose the one you want and book your socially distanced installation.

To find the right charger for your vehicle and setup in under a minute, answer a few simple questions here.

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Tethered charger

This type of electric charger has it's own cable to charge your car.

Socketed charger

This type of electric charger requires a seperate cable to charge your car.

Underground cable

We lay SWA cable laid at 600mm deep, with a protective cable warning tape laid 150mm above the cable. These are laid on a sand or sifted sand soil bed then backfilled.

Overhead cable

We position overhead cables at a minimum height of 3.5m and are run along a catenary wire. The cable run should not be accessible to vehicles.

Standard installation for the Homecharger covers the majority of homes in the UK and includes the following: