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Electric dreams – exciting new EVs heading to the UK

Whilst 2020 has been a year that we would all rather put behind us, 2021 is set to be, quite literally, electrifying – with a bumper selection of EVs about to hit the streets.

From revolutionary city cars to family SUVs  – there’s a new electric or plug-in hybrid perfect for you, whatever your budget or requirements. Here are some of the exciting new EVs coming our way…


Citroën Ami
Image Source: Autocar

The electric answer to city travel.

The cute and compact Ami is packed with joie de vivre. Smaller than a smart car and infinitely cooler, it’s basic price of £7,000 makes it an ideal second car choice for city dwellers.

In its native France, you can order an Ami in supermarkets (whilst buying your baguettes) and licence-owning French moped riders can get behind the wheel from the age of 14.

Whilst it might not be possible to buy this for your teen when the Ami arrives in the UK, this nippy little EV still definitely has the “ooh la la” factor.

Ioniq 5
Image Source: CAR Magazine

Ioniq? Never heard of them, you might say. In fact, this is Hyundai’s new standalone brand for their range of EVs.

The first new Ioniq on the road will be the 5, a stylish and slightly retro-looking crossover based on Hyundai’s 45 concept car. Two more Ioniq models are planned for release over the next 4 years.

If you want to turn heads, this is the car for you.

Skoda Enyaq
Image Source: Carbuyer

A family SUV planned to hit the UK in spring 2021, the Enyaq is similar in size to a Skoda Octavia with a family-friendly price tag of £30,450.

It will be available in a variety of options – 62 and 82kWh batteries and two and four wheel drive. There will also be a vRS version.

This economical and spacious EV will up your green credentials, benefit the family budget and transform the dreaded school run.


Skoda Enyaq

Tesla Model Y
Image Source: CAR Magazine

You might know that Tesla’s Model 3 saloon briefly became Britain’s best selling car during the Coronavirus lockdown? Well, those in the know are convinced the Model Y, with its extra headroom, will be an even bigger hit.

The models available at launch will be Standard, Long Range and Performance, with impressive ranges of 298 to 314 miles.

Seven seats make this stylish hatchback a real contender in the family EV market.

It seems Tesla just can’t set a foot wrong.


ID.3 Volkswagen
Image Source: buyacar

The ID.3 1st Edition houses a 58kWh battery, driving a rear-mounted electric motor providing an electric range of 260 miles.

Because the ID3 is based on a bespoke electric car-only platform, Volkswagen will be able to offer different versions, with the 1st Edition being at the top of the range.

Watch this space.



The EV market is buzzing right now, with so many new innovations ready to leave their petrol and diesel compatriots in the dust.

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We lay SWA cable laid at 600mm deep, with a protective cable warning tape laid 150mm above the cable. These are laid on a sand or sifted sand soil bed then backfilled.

Overhead cable

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Standard installation for the Homecharger covers the majority of homes in the UK and includes the following: